ASK Gems

ASK Gems 2

ASK Gems - are defined as small bits of free standing, relevant information based on experience or observation and / or established fact. They are useful snippets to add to information we already have. They are more than just singular observations and summarise collective wisdom and expert opinion. They can be read in a minute!

A good Gem is factual, useful, can be put into context and where possible their source is acknowledged.

Gems are for linking to a bigger picture rather than just being learnt as fact.

Gems enable information learned to be passed on and encourage us to look into other areas. They stimulate discussion and sharing, critical thinking and learning. This helps with application of the Gem within the context of furthering the goal for balancing our clients and ourselves.

Incorporating them into our balancing enables us to confirm their relevance so they become a better established fact.. Remember it is essential to test your client to see if these gems are relevant for them,,


'For right shoulder pain that is worse when lying down (especially if the person cannot sleep on that shoulder), test the client for vitamin D cream rubbed into the   joint area'


'For eczema that is difficult to clear, it's worth testing whether Ornithine is a priority'


 'To stop hiccups hold SI11 on the shoulder with CX4 on the forearm. Or sedate the diaphragm'