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ASK Membership levels

We have reviewed the ASK membership levels and introduced 2 new levels - Foundation Member, and Affiliate Member.

Full details are in the PDF which can be downloaded from this link

Full details can be found here

Bristol Evening November 30th 2017

Nearly 50 ASK Members turned out on a very cold November evening for a networking event and to see a number of presentations. Below are copies of the presentations:

Growing your Kinesiology Practice - Clive Bingham

The New Science of Trauma - Dawn Bailey and Austin Wise

Energy Mismatch revision - Allison Prebble

Members update November 2017

November newsletter 

Members update August 2017

August newsletter

Health therapies and evidence

This is a guideline issued by the The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) as to what therapists can and cannot clam in any material which can be viewed by the general public

Members update July 2017

July newsletter 

Trustees Information June 2017

Trustee information pack

Trustee's newsletter

June 3rd AGM Presentation


Trustees annual report

Reply to Charity Commission

Saturday June 3rd and Sunday June 4th Information

Deborah Kerslake leaflet - Saturday

Deborah Kerslake ASK info sheet - Saturday

Terry Larder Morning Presentation - Sunday

Terry Larder Afternoon Presentation - Sunday

Terry Larder Afternoon Presentation - Sunday

Terry Larder Blood Pressure balance

General Information

Anne Jenson - Estimating the accuracy of muscle response testing

Experimental Observations of Members of the ICAK 2016_17

Helen Astll SUPERvisor Mentoring

Essential Oils in Systematic Kinesiology Practice - Jeni Howland. Jeni is a memmber of ASK and has taken the trouble to write this article specially for us.