CPD Training Courses

If any members have any other courses they would like to be considered for CPD hours please contact Julie at the ASK office on 01980 881646 or email admin@systematic-kinesiology.co.uk

CPD Course Information 

The Walker Technique - Saturday and Sunday 24th & 25th June 2017

The Walker technique is a powerful soft tissue release system which works directly preparing the tissues for the broad selection of procedures with specific applications that have evolved from years of experience of other hands on therapies, such as the Alexander and Bowen Techniques. It is an excellent discipline and a perfect adjunct to Kinesiology.

Chris Astill-Smith - Volatile Organic Compounds - Saturday 1st July 2017, Crawley

Have you ever heard about dogs smelling cancer? Ever wondered what the chemicals are that they are smelling? Come and learn about these simple chemicals and how they relate to specific diagnostic coloured acetates. Chris and Gill will also be going through their latest patient protocol which will include a simple way to test for Left Brain / Right Brain dominance and its influence on Psychological reversal.

Chris Astill-Smith and Gill Farr - Masterclass - looking at common and unusual clinical conditions - Sunday 2nd July 2017, Crawley

Continuing the series of highly popular free Sunday seminars. Chris and Gill will be taking you  through a number of common and unusual  clinical conditions, the use of our test kits and introducing a range of new products. Sun protection and first aid holiday natural remedies.

Austin Wyse - Tapping course - July 15th and 16th - other dates available, Bristol

Are you ready to learn about the amazing physical and emotional benefits of tapping (also known as EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques or MTT, Meridian Tappping Techniques) in a simple straight-forward and down-to-earth way?

Tapping is based on the concepts behind acupuncture, which affects the energy that moves through our bodies in pathways called meridians. It is important for the energy in our bodies to be in harmony, but blockages can occur when we are experiencing physical or emotional stress. Tapping works by creating tiny electrical impulses along the individual’s natural healing systems, allowing blockages to be released and smooth energy flow to be restored.

Terry Larder - Really Cool Techniques for Kinesiologists - Saturday 16th September 2017, Leicester

After returning from the International Association for Specialized Kinesiologists' (IASK) conference held in Italy this year, Terry will share some of the material from the great presentations that she particularly found useful. For those who couldn't attend the ASK training day, you'll hear about these and some other additional techniques.

Patrick Holdord - Integral Medicine Part 1 - Saturday 7th October 2017, London

Beyond functional medicine, Integral Medicine™ provides an integral understanding of who we are as human beings, and why we get mentally and physically sick. We are physical, biochemical, sensual, emotional, intellectual and spiritual beings and traumas, insults and unfulfilled needs in any of these aspects inevitably leads to disease. These aspects of who we are cannot be isolated – they are integral.

Terry Larder - Analogue muscle testing - Saturday 21st October 2017, Leicester

If you haven't yet learned how to test in analogue, this course is a
must. You will obtain much more information from your client's body
and get much more done in your sessions

Terry Larder - Deep Level Chakra Balancing - Friday 27th - Sunday 29th October 2017, Leicester

Balancing chakras resolves 90% of hypertonic muscles. This deep
level approach can facilitate profound changes for your clients

Terry Larder - Lateral Thinking for the Kinesiologist - Saturday 2nd December 2017, Leicester

A great course for new kinesiologists or those who would like to extend their knowledge on how to know what to test for and when.This new day course is a real confidence builder